TBX (Tryptone Bile Glucuronic) Agar


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Composition** Ingredients Gms / Litre Bile salt mixture 1.500 Enzymatic digest of casein 20.000 X-ß-D-glucoronic acid 0.075 Dimethyl sulfoxide 3.000 Agar 15.000 Final pH ( at 25°C) 7.2±0.2 Directions Suspend 39.6 grams in 1000 ml distilled water. Heat to boiling to dissolve the medium completely. Sterilize by autoclaving at 15 lbs pressure (121°C) for 15 minutes. Cool to 45-50°C, mix gently and pour in sterile Petri plates. pH 5.40-5.80 Storage and Shelf Life :Store dehydrated and prepared medium at 2-8°C

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